Auxiliary Officers 2017-2018

 The Madam Prez sez…

Just like that summer has come to an end!  Activities have picked up at the Eagles though.  Pool has started, as well as Monday night Euchre. There will be an October Fest on October 5th, a craft/vender show November 3rd, and a Harvest dinner on the 15th of November followed by the UofM/MSU game that will include a raffle for cash to benefit the Auxiliary on November 16th.  Be sure to look for volunteer sign-up sheets for the up coming activities.

I would like to thank so many of you that donated socks in the month of August. I will continue collecting items as the months go by.  September is underwear and toiletries. October will be shoes and November will be coats. Household items are always needed at any time. There is also a box near the pull tabs for Family Fare receipts.  All of which will be going to my charity, The New Dawn Homeless Shelter of Gladwin.  Your generosity is so greatly appreciated.

Hope you all have a beautiful, colorful, crisp, and sorry; I just have to say it, pumpkin spice kind of fall.

  Kyle Proctor

  Madam President 19-20



Auxiliary Meeting Changes for December

Due to the December holidays Auxiliary meetings have been changed to:

December 7th – 1st weekend

December 14th – 2nd weekend

December initiations will be held on the

2nd Saturday of December the 14th. 

Secord Lake Auxiliary 4121


Auxiliary Chaplain Report

Summer is coming to an end and some of our friends have already headed south. Please remember to keep these people in your thoughts and prayers: Vicki Sullivan passed away September 10th. Nancy Gorzenski lost her brother-in-law in a car accident, Kris Bueche's mom had open heart surgery and her father isn't well, Kathie Hart still suffers with back problems, and Mary DeCook had surgery September 20th.

Have a great fall and try to be a blessing to someone.

     Mary Petersen

     Auxiliary Chaplain








Meetings for Auxiliary take place on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month at 11:00 AM.


Jr Past Madam President ~ Judy Downie

Madam President ~ Kyle Proctor

Madam Vice President ~ Linda Ronne

Madam Chaplain ~ Mary Petersen

Madam Conductor ~ Peggy Sawka

Madam Secretary ~ Kathie Hart

Madam Treasurer ~ Karen Brady

Madam Inside Guard ~ Deb McConnell

Madam Trustees

Madeline Taube

Deb Shaffer

Wendy Brzenzski

Auditor ~ 

Mother of the Year ~