Aerie Officers 2019-2020

The Worthy Prez sez...

Well the month went by so fast I forgot that it was time to write a new letter.

I hope that everyone is happy with the new format. We are going back to posting the letter bi monthly. Please bear with us as we continue to improve the newsletter.  I would like to thank the membership for stepping up and chairing events. We need more people to volunteer and new fresh ideas for all our enjoyment. I would like to let the membership know that when we have events like the Fishing Contest and the Fun Run the guest’s approached me and commented on how we have a great club.  Just a reminder that we will be posting an Officer Sign-Up sheet for people interested in running for office. We will need people to step up and fill these open positions.  Please check the bulletin boards and slideshow display for upcoming events as well. Again, the fish fry hours have changed to 5PM to 7:30PM till the end of March 2020.   Also, thanks to everyone for supporting all the scheduled functions throughout the past year.  Until next newsletter be safe and think Spring and may the good lord bless and keep you safe.

Fraternally Yours,

Larry Brzezinski

Worthy President 2019- 2020


The Aerie will be closed on

 Easter Sunday, April 12th.




Saturday Steak Cards are

cancelled until further notice!


Board of Trustees Sez

As you all know or maybe you don't, we have added more tappers behind the bar. There are six beers on tap now, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Michelob Ultra, Michelob Amber Bock, Killians Irish Red and Saint Archer Gold. There is room to add one more, so if you have any ideas? Please drop a note in the suggestion box.  Everyone make sure to drop by the club to check out the new food specials, Tracy is working hard on new ideas. The food specials are posted in the kitchen, on the website and are available to the bartenders. Great news! The new menus are on their way, be sure to see what has been added.  Until next month, “Stay classy Gladwin”



Aerie Regular Meetings 2nd & 4th Saturday of the Month 9:30am

Questions?  Contact us (989) 426-3454


JR Past Worthy President ~ Kerry Shaffer

Worthy President ~ Larry Brzezinski

Worthy Vice - President ~ Curt Wingate

Worthy Chaplain ~ Roger Bauer

Worthy Secretary ~ Butch Blanchard

Worthy Treasurer ~ Larry Bobel

Worthy Conductor ~ Jim Munro

Inside Guard ~ Russ Norton

Outside Guard ~ John Meininger


Trustee ~ Butch Griffith

Trustee ~ Jim Morrow

Trustee ~ Arnie Bartlett

Trustee ~ Chip Ostrand

Auditor ~ Don Hooper

Eagle of the Year ~ John Meininger