Aerie Officers 2017-2018

The Worthy Prez sez...

Well, summer is finally here and I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather, it was well overdue.  I would like to take this time to welcome the entire Membership to Secord lake Eagles Aerie 4121.

I would like to thank all the members and friends for their great support at the Brandon Johnson Spaghetti benefit. Also, a special thanks to all that work behind the scenes ensuring that the club is properly maintained. To all that contribute their time volunteering for functions and attending these functions, you are greatly appreciated.  For your information the crawler board, tent cards, posted flyers and the Web are updated periodically.  A special reminder to all members. Please do not deface any flyers that are posted. They are posted for your convenience to remind the entire membership of future events that greatly benefit our club. If you have any problem that you wish to address please see a trustee or lodge your complaint with your name and place in the suggestion box by the knife display.

Scheduled upcoming events for August and September: Corn Hole tournament, Pork Rib Roast and Red Neck Horse Shoe tournament.  Please see calendar and flyers for other functions that include entertainment dates and times.  Before I close this letter, I would like to stress the importance of boater safety and sun protection when enjoying activities with your loved ones this summer.  Also, please be aware of our biker friends.  Until next newsletter may the Dear Lord keep you safe.  God Bless.

Fraternally Yours,

Larry Brzezinski

Worthy President 19-20


Trustees Corner

Hi all

How are all our brothers and sisters doing? There are lots of new faces

around here if you all have not noticed. I think we have picked up our game a little bit but we have a long way to go, thanks to all the help from members that help us make it through our transition from old to new.  All the help is much appreciated from everyone.

For those who just sat back and got on social media and voiced their

opinion (which you have that right) we knew there were changes that needed to be made. This was a topic at most of our meetings which I cannot remember seeing any of the faces belonging to those complaining on social media.

You may voice the problems that we have (which we all understand) but YOU CAN’T SAY WE ARE NOT TRYING TO DO BETTER. Come help us BE BETTER for the good of our club.

Thank you all.

Board of Trustees


Junior Order of Eagles Anyone Interested?

After attending State Convention, it was brought to our attention that some clubs have a youth program called J.O.E. {Junior Order of Eagles).  Kyle Proctor, our auxiliary V.P., has teenage grandchildren who some of you may have seen helping in our kitchen at fish fry’s, etc.  She is interested in knowing if there are others who have youths who may want to be a younger part of this Eagles Club.  It could also be open to other Aeries if the interest is out there. It takes planning and Grand Aerie approval with dedicated adults to lead our younger generation on the importance of teamwork, respect, patriotism, selflessness, and other values.  If you have any interest in supporting the start-up of this group or know any younger children under 18 years old who may be interested in being a part of this please contact Kyle at 313-268-6101.


Aerie Regular Meetings 2nd & 4th Saturday of the Month 9:30am

Questions?  Contact us (989) 426-3454


JR Past Worthy President ~ Kerry Shaffer

Worthy President ~ Larry Brzezinski

Worthy Vice - President ~ Curt Wingate

Worthy Chaplain ~ Roger Bauer

Worthy Secretary ~ Butch Blanchard

Worthy Treasurer ~ Larry Bobel

Worthy Conductor ~ Jim Munro

Inside Guard ~ Russ Norton

Outside Guard ~ John Meininger


Trustee ~ Butch Griffith

Trustee ~ Jim Morrow

Trustee ~ Arnie Bartlett

Trustee ~ Chip Ostrand

Auditor ~ Bob Boroff

Eagle of the Year ~ John Meininger